Where is FTC Kombucha Sold?


*Kombucha Coffee Cafe- 3820 south palo verde road

*Sundays at Rillito Farmer's market 9am-1pm
*All Tucson Whole Food locations
*All Tucson Natural Grocers location
*Conspiracy Co-op on 4th
*Johnny Gibson's Downtown
*Time Market
*Monster Shack located at the Tucson Mall
*Urban Fresh
*The Dusty Monk
*Johnny Gibson's Downtown Market
*Lasagna and More
*Bentley's Coffee and Tea House
*Veg In A Box
*The Loft
*Rincon Market
*Buzz Smoke Shop
*Canyon Ranch
*Ombre Coffee

*All Phoenix Whole Food Locations
*The Uprooted Kitchen
*Songbird Coffee and Tea House

*All Whole Foods Locations
*All Natural Grocers Locations
*Ranzais Market

*All Whole Foods Locations
*All Natural Grocers Locations

*All Whole Foods Locations
*All Natural Grocers Locations

Sierra Vista-
*Sierra Vista Natural Foods Cooperative
*Warehouse Vitamins
*Life Seasons
*Thursdays at the Farmer's Market 10am-2pm

Green Valley-
*Desert Wellness Nutrition

*Single Speed Café
*All Natural Grocers
*Late for the Train Coffee (both locations)
Queen City-

*Queen City Olive Mill

Hollywood, California-

Does It Have Alcohol?

*Non-Alcoholic producing less than 0.05% alcohol.
*Around the same as a store bought bottle of orange juice.

Where Do You Get The Ingredients?

*Great Kombucha starts with Great Tea. 
Our loose leaf tea blends are from a renown distributor known for superior tea quality.
*Filtered Water.
*Non GMO Evaporated Cane Sugar from a local supplier. *Healthy vibrant living culture of probiotics and beneficial yeasts.

CoMmonly asked questions

What Makes FTC's Kombucha So Special?

*Family run/owned microbrewery which means love, effort, and a desire to make the best batch everytime. *Our SCOBY's are a result of integration of different cultures picked from the best available. *We harvest sooner that most Kombucha distributors thus giving it a slight sweetness. *No second fermentation, so less sour and less sugar content than other brands. 
*We add CO2 to our Kombucha to halt the fermentation process and assist in the bottling process.

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How Long Does Kombucha Keep and How Is It stored?

*The fermentation process is complete and product is sold fresh with an expiration date of 90 days.
*Keep Kombucha cold. Only set in warmth for short periods of time. Over time, the tea will eventually start to ferment again; growing culture in the bottle.