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I use to go to the store buying my weekly 20 bottles of Kombucha for my family. Having Kombucha became almost a second nature to us, so I thought I should learn to make this. We started by growing a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). And several months later we enjoyed our first small batch. However, it was not that easy.  Many batches were thrown out due to being too sour, too yeasty, or simply too foul.  After many trials and continuous determination, we finally developed a consistent delicious Kombucha.  I thought I could share this with people at our local farmers market and maybe make some extra money to help our boys with college.  The gentleman who runs the farmers market also happened to own a tea company.  This greatly assisted us in perfecting our recipes with his tea blends. We created many varieties of Kombucha, but when we first created our Kombuchai flavor, we were amazed with it! A Kombucha brew better than any flavor or brand we ever tasted! Almost in a shocked state that something with such a superb taste can be so good for you.  And now, almost a year later we now have two additional flavors, Good Green (green tea), and a blend of four teas that we have named Cuatros Amigos. 
  Finally his group of “medical specialist” called a meeting together concerning his treatment plan.  They wanted us to consent to put him on chemotherapy.  The goal was to turn off his immune system in hopes that when it restarted it would be at a normal rhythm.  Fearful that he may not survive this test, we told the group of “experts” that we would like to seek a second opinion.     Seeking complimentary medicine we went to a local chiropractor.  Part of his assessment included a review of our diet.  Trying our best to impress I presented a two week journal of our families menus.  He looked at it, got out his red pen and proceeded to highlight almost everything with his red pen.  He informed us that we were victims of the SAD diet (The Standard American Diet).  In the name of quick, easy and cheap foods I fell for the advertising scheme. We had been consuming processed, chemically saturated and so-called vitamin fortified products that we thought was food.  He said we were all going to benefit from this change.  He was right, we did not know what feeling good really was.  You are what you eat. Thus began our journey of seeking and preparing healthy whole organic foods.  Our son now 21, has grown has developed a normal lifestyle due to our immune support treatments. He has a fully enriched diet that has been been immensely due to the change in our lifestyle and incorporation of our Kombucha into our lives.     Changing to a cave man type diet we all went through a detox period.  Key to our recovery was building a healthy gut.  Starting slowly with probiotics and cultured foods our bellies would cramp at the introduction of healthy beneficial bacteria.  Returning our intestinal flora to a normal state we found our skin, joint pains, memories, and energy levels improving.  Our son was gradually getting better.  Craving these foods, we incorporated probiotic rich Kombucha into our routine.    

 While watching my 10-year-old son running with his brother I noticed a limp that had not been there before.  My husband took him to the doctor where after several tests labeled him to have several autoimmune diseases.  His immune system in short was in overdrive, eating away at his body. Constantly sick with dry itchy flakey skin from head to toe, generalized joint pain, around the clock nebulizer treatments, and leashed to oxygen tubing he was imprisoned at home.  He could never be left unattended due to extreme weakness, so much so he could not even call out for help.  What caused this?  Due to a traumatic delivery he began life with antibiotics. Since birth he had been on antibiotics and steroids in an attempt to keep him “stable” until the next set back.  Several surgeries and episodes of illness gradually got his immune system in a  confused wild state.


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