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520-286-6887 or  520-286-6889

Available in 

  • 1 Bottle -$4.25

  • Four pack -$16.00 ($4.00 per bottle)

  • Case(12) -$45.00 ($3.75 each)

  • Dual Case(24)  -$84.00 ($3.50 each)

Minimum Shipping Amount of a Case

-shipping cost not included

                     Call For Whole Sale Pricing


Cornelius Keg OR Comercial Keg = 5 gallon

Yields approximately 50 (12oz) cups

$90.00 cost per keg 

Initial Deposit for Keg- $75.00

Shipping is only available in US

Purchase by the Bottle-

Sixteen ounce glass bottles designed for carbonated beverages. Pricing per bottle. Deal available for a Carry Pack (4 bottles), a half case (12 bottles), and a full case (24 bottles).  Mix and match flavors.

The Keg Method- We would like every one to have this option because it is the easiest and freshest way to consume our product. A Kegerator will be needed for this and is well worth it. Restaurants, bars, and even residents can enjoy this method. 

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